Denver – Sanity Prevails

Alice at River Rock
Alice in one of the many grow rooms at River Rock.

This week I have the extreme pleasure to be visiting Denver, Colorado.  Weather aside (it has been windy and cold) it has been a great visit thus far.  I’ve been touring the marijuana dispensaries and clinics including a great visit at River Rock founded by Tony Verzura.  River Rock is not just a grow center and dispensary, it is a philosophy and the future.

The picture accompanying this piece shows me in one of the many grow rooms at River Rock. Tony was very impressive in rattling off the statistics about his growing facility. Unfortunately I was still in a shock at what I was seeing so most of the stats went through my head. Take my word for it, there is a lot of cannabis growing. All the major varieties (sativa and indica) were there, many of them in brilliant flower.

What impressed me even more was Tony’s commitment to the medical marijuana issue, including a new project he is launching called Advanced Cannabinoid Therapy Guide or A.C.T. Now.  It is a wonderful piece of software. Its goal is to standardize patient enrollment and collect information on the cannabis therapies that River Rock and the patient’s doctor recommend.  Look upon it as the first EMR (electronic medical record) for medical marijuana patients. What excited me about A.C.T. Now was the possibility of collecting enough data to actually write scientific papers. They will be poo-pooed by federal agencies but, truth be told, the feds squandered their capital in medical marijuana a long time ago.  They no longer have standing in the issue–only power to wreck more lives as they have for decades. The future is in companies and organizations like River Rock.  The future is now.