Always Searching

In this modern age of ours it seems that some of us are constantly fiddling with our social connections, trying to find the “right” way of doing things.  For a long time I thought there must be a “right” way and I have been down a lot of different roads with roadsigns like Facebook, Linkedin, HootSuite, Wix, and, of course, our old trusty WordPress.  Now I have realized there is no right way, only a way.

So now I am returned to my medical marijuana WordPress page because, honestly, I have grown so weary of Facebook and I don’t much like going there to post things to you, my faithful readers.  Besides, I have many friends who have so wearied of Facebook they have left it behind.  I want to reach them too.

So this is my first post in two years on my WordPress medical marijuana pioneer page.  I’ll see if I can upload it to Facebook (among others) and if that works I will begin posting here.  I have been working more with WordPress in recent months and have come to appreciate its flexibility and ease of use.

So, please bear with me.  This will be a process because we are always searching….