Senate Bill May Answer a Decades-Old Request|Huffington Post (6/6/2015)




A different perspective on the CARERS Act, the U.S. Senate bill that would reform federal laws regarding medical cannabis use in certain states.

Source: Senate Bill May Answer a Decades-Old Request

Healthcare Professionals are Needed in Dispensaries | Cannabis Now (01/06/2016)

As we enter the second decade of state-authorized medical cannabis the growing pains are evident and the maturing industry is entering a time of reckoning. Having millions of Americans legally using cannabis, medically or otherwise, is a true victory but, frankly, the time has come for a bit of reform within the industry. Those of […]

Source: Healthcare Professionals are Needed in Dispensaries | Cannabis Now

Buds & Brushes: The Art of Healing | Cannabis Now (06/27/16)

The use of cannabis by those experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is well known, but cannabis doesn’t cure PTSD. In fact, there are many who feel that PTSD can never be cured since the underlying problem is memory of psychological trauma that can never be fully erased. PTSD, like grief, must be assimilated into […]

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The U.S. Must Create a New Schedule for Cannabis: An Open Letter the U.S. Congress | Cannabis Now


As one who has been involved in the medical marijuana movement from literally the very beginning and who brings to this issue 40 years of perspective, I can say with certainty that we have never been at a more opportune time to effect dramatic and positive change. Everyone is aware, however, that changing the federal […]

Source: The U.S. Must Create a New Schedule for Cannabis: An Open Letter the U.S. Congress | Cannabis Now

Hartley campaign for hemp | Lithgow Mercury

A Hartley resident is on a mission to introduce the benefits of the much maligned hemp plant to the broader Australian community.

Source: Hartley campaign for hemp | Lithgow Mercury

Alice’s Note:  The picture above shows me with Michelle Crain, organizer of the recent Hemp Initiative near Sydney, Australia.  Michelle put together a fabulous show complete with a fantastic medical symposium, organized by United in Compassion.  All this in Australia, May 2016.

The sorrow…

Medical Cannabis news reports in the past couple days have brought two sad stories, each proving that the fight for medical cannabis is far from over and that’s its victims are often our youngest warriors.

The first is from Maine, where a 13-year old with Dravet’s Syndrome died.  The young girl, Cyndimae Meehan, became a medical cannabis advocate when her family was forced to moved from Connecticut to Maine in order to secure Cyndimae’s medicine.  Both New England states have medical cannabis laws but Connecticut, amazingly, does not allow pediatric use.  You can read more here:

thThe second story comes from Cyprus.  Too often we think of medical cannabis only in U.S. terms but the fight to secure the natural medicine is being fought around the globe.  Cyprus is a small, island nation off the coast of Syria and Turkey.  A 19-year old Cypriot with cancer petitioned the Health Ministry for two years for permission to use cannabis in his therapy.  In a move that is all too familiar to long-time medical cannabis advocates, the government only gave in when the boy was near death.  His petition was granted three days before his death.  For more details read here:

Always Searching

In this modern age of ours it seems that some of us are constantly fiddling with our social connections, trying to find the “right” way of doing things.  For a long time I thought there must be a “right” way and I have been down a lot of different roads with roadsigns like Facebook, Linkedin, HootSuite, Wix, and, of course, our old trusty WordPress.  Now I have realized there is no right way, only a way.

So now I am returned to my medical marijuana WordPress page because, honestly, I have grown so weary of Facebook and I don’t much like going there to post things to you, my faithful readers.  Besides, I have many friends who have so wearied of Facebook they have left it behind.  I want to reach them too.

So this is my first post in two years on my WordPress medical marijuana pioneer page.  I’ll see if I can upload it to Facebook (among others) and if that works I will begin posting here.  I have been working more with WordPress in recent months and have come to appreciate its flexibility and ease of use.

So, please bear with me.  This will be a process because we are always searching….

International Prohibition: The Next Battleground | Cannabis Now

Recently two U.S. cannabis reformers Steph Sherer of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and Michael Krawitz of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA) traveled to Geneva to address a committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) about cannabis reform. In the complicated scheme of international drug control, WHO is similar to the U.S. Food and […]

Source: International Prohibition: The Next Battleground | Cannabis Now

CBD Only Laws – Cruel Hoax

cannabinoidsTwo decades ago, in 1989, the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration rejected the findings of his agency’s chief administrative law judge who had ruled that marijuana has accepted medical value in the U.S. and should be rescheduled. In dismissing the judge’s decision the administrator stated that anyone who supported medical marijuana was perpetrating a “cruel hoax” on the American public.

Those words came back to me as I read the news of North Carolina’s medical marijuana law that was signed on July 3, 2014. North Carolina became the tenth state to enact the so-called “CBD only” medical marijuana law. (The other nine states are Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin.) While the intent of lawmakers may have been compassionate the result is, in my opinion, a cruel hoax.

These laws have tremendous appeal to the lawmakers. Pressure for passage of such laws has come from the parents of young children who are stricken with rare forms of epilepsy. When all conventional medications fail, and they often do, parents have found success with CBD oil, derived from the cannabis, or marijuana, plant. The results can be breathtakingly dramatic as you can see in this video.

So in passing these bills lawmakers are showing their compassion for seriously ill, especially the young, while tackling the tricky political question of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. “But wait,” the lawmakers say, “we aren’t legalizing ‘pot’ we are legalizing CBD, one of the ingredients in marijuana. And CBD doesn’t get you ‘high’ so drug abuse is impossible.”

Sigh …

Okay, CBD doesn’t get the patient ‘high’ but CBD is just one of the ingredients in the cannabis plant and the North Carolina law, like several others, still prohibits  growing  marijuana to obtain the CBD. So, just how exactly are the North Carolina patients going to obtain this needy medication?

You might think these states could simply turn to those states which have legalized the entire plant for medicinal purposes and buy the needed medicine.  Simple, right?

Wrong. Marijuana, on the federal level, is still illegal, still a Schedule I drug. That’s what the DEA administrator decided it should be when he over-ruled his chief administrative law judge back in 1989,  calling anyone who promoted the medical use of marijuana a “snake oil salesman.” As long as marijuana remains in Schedule I it cannot be shipped inter-state.  So the ten CBD-only states cannot simply import marijuana from states where it is already legal for medical purposes.

So, just where do those ten states propose to get their CBD-only supplies? Well, I’m not privy to all their plans but I think a little hint was dropped in the coverage of WBTV in Raleigh.

 “For now, it’s not sure how natural CBD oils made from actual marijuana plants in Colorado will get to North Carolina. Until that’s figured out, legislators say a pharmaceutical company making a trial CBD oil, called Epidiolex, will be rolled out immediately. ‘

Oh, I see. We’re going to “immediately” roll out a new pharmaceutical drug that has not yet been approved by federal officials so that we do not have to grow a plant that has a 5,000 year history of medical use or adjust its current standing in the federal drug hierarchy.

But wait, there’s more.

“All kids who sign up for this trial will be part of a study.  That data will then be used to learn more about how the medicine works best.”

Okay, so your child also needs to be part of a research study. Well, that may not have been what the parents’ wanted when they started lobbying for the bill but it looks like that may be the only way to obtain the legal CBD trial drug. Does this mean the children may be exposed to placebo doses of CBD? Will there be double-blind, randomized testing which guarantees that some children will not receive the real CBD?

Do you see why the expression “cruel hoax” may have come to mind?



Postscript: To the parents in these states — I am very happy that your state has enacted a law that recognizes your child’s need but the battle is not yet won. You cannot let your guard down or expect that bureaucrats will resolve all the problems. It was your voice and those of friends and activists that passed this law and you cannot go silent now.